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Are you ready to navigate the intricate world of global supply chains?

In this course you will explore the symbiotic relationship between organisational culture, leadership, collaboration, and ethical considerations within the logistics and transport sector.

  • 10-Months

    Course content is broken into manageable modules and interactive activities that help you apply your knowledge.

  • Study Online in Your Own Time

    Study online from anywhere in the world, in your own space, at your own pace, guided by our industry experts.

  • Practical and Industry Aligned

    Constantly updated and tailored for professionals and managers operating within the logistics, supply chain, and transportation sectors.

What’s inside this Professional Certificate in Transport and Logistics course?

This course is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their strategic management and leadership skills in the context of global supply chains. You will build your knowledge over five key learning blocks. The last block is highly practical, where you develop your research skills and undertake a professional project.

  • 126 lessons

  • 13 hours of video content

  • Support from tutors

What our students are saying about this course

“I’ve worked in this industry for many years. This course has helped me to understand how everything fits together.”


“Great course, easy to understand, lots to learn”


Course Curriculum

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  • Block 1 – Strategic Contexts

    Explore global business environments, resource planning, sustainable corporate development, and competition, focusing on strategic factors for organisations operating globally.

  • Block 2 - Leadership and Strategic Management

    Examine organisational culture, strategic leadership, collaboration, and business ethics to understand their impact on organisational success and strategy.

  • Block 3 - Strategic Network Planning

    Delve into organisational models, risk decision-making, forecasting, delivering customer service, and strategies for innovation and change in the global business landscape.

  • Block 4 - Delivering Strategic Performance Materials

    Learn about organisational integration, supply strategies, logistics/operations performance, and the role of technology in implementing organisational strategies for global success.

  • Block 5 - Research Methods and Professional Project

    Develop research skills and undertake a professional project, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies for effective problem analysis and solving in an organisational context.

Bonus Material

We've added these FREE micro courses to your curriculum to bulk up your knowledge and skills

  • Non-Profit Marketing, Distribution and Selling

    R950 value

    Digital technology has changed the landscape of marketing completely. In this module we look at how non-profit marketing, crowdfunding, supply chain management, retailing and selling have been impacted.

  • Product and Distribution Management

    R950 value

    Companies provide products or services to customers in exchange for money. By adding features and characteristics to their products they make products more attractive to potential customers.

  • Basic Principles of Marketing

    R950 value

    Marketing is important to all organisations. An organisation may have what they believe to be an excellent product or service, but if that product or service does not meet the needs of the customer by offering value at the right time, in the right place and at the right price, it will no doubt fail.