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“My name is Tapiwa Mugwagwa. I am a man of many qualifications and I am currently the Business Development Manager for MUGTAP Brands one of the ambitious entrepreneurial ventures in Zimbabwe’s Small and Medium enterprise sector. I am one of the people who have benefited a lot from the IMM Graduate School short courses that are provided online. I initially enrolled for the Logistics CILT certificate in 2019 after getting recommendations from an experienced marketer but the experience and insights I gained through this course have pushed me to do other online courses with the institution. I have since completed other online short courses that include the Art of Selling, the World of Marketing, Approach to Digital Marketing Strategy, Applied Digital Marketing Strategy, Strategic Brand Management, Project Management Fundamentals, Building Online Customer Relationships, Digital Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing Project. The dynamic and competitive nature of the marketing world means that employers are looking for people who are able to think creatively, make improvements to the way things are done and provide solutions when faced with difficulties. Through the IMM Graduate School’s online courses, I have been able to excel in my career. IMM Graduate School online short courses have exposed me to various concepts, models and frameworks that everyone needs for the effective execution of their strategies. Experiential learning and dynamic educational approach provided through these courses which integrates studies with practical experience have contributed meaningfully to my personal development and overall preparation within the work environment by providing me with an opportunity for the practical application of skills and concepts. ”

Tapiwa Mugwagwa

“The course helped me in enhancing the tactical Marketing skills in this era of digital space and I am very grateful, now I have been elevated to Sales Supervisor. All the content in the course has given an insight to become an entrepreneurship outside my organization going into the future. I am well equipped with relevant knowledge in Marketing. ”

Brian Mukodza

“I am thrilled to share my journey with the Applied Digital Marketing course at IMM and how it completely transformed my career. Before taking this course, I had been in sales my entire life and had never ventured into the digital marketing or marketing industry. The rapidly evolving digital landscape was daunting, and I knew I needed to upskill to stay relevant. Starting the course at IMM was nerve-wracking, but from the beginning, Christa Kavungo(Academic Liaison Expert), and the entire IMM team were incredibly supportive. They believed in me and offered unwavering encouragement, even during challenging times when I faced delays and financial obstacles. Today, I am beyond proud to say that I am an Account Executive at The Digital Media Collective. This achievement was something I could have never imagined before taking this course. From being an intern to now holding a full-time position, it has been an exhilarating journey of growth and learning. I've had the opportunity to work on a couple of big and small accounts, both on the organic and paid side of things. The Applied Digital Marketing course at IMM was hands-on and practical, allowing me to apply what I learned from day one. It covered various aspects of digital marketing, from managing social media channels to utilizing online tools like Google Suite, Mailchimp, and Hootsuite. The expertise I gained has proven invaluable in my daily role. What sets this course apart is its accessibility for everyone, regardless of their prior experience in digital marketing. Taught by industry experts who keep the content up to date, it ensures you are fully prepared to thrive in the ever-changing industry. I am immensely grateful to the IMM team for their unwavering support, helping me discover my potential and paving the way for my career growth. The Applied Digital Marketing course has been a game-changer, and I owe my success to this incredible opportunity. If you're ready to embrace a new chapter in your career and succeed in the digital marketing world, I highly recommend the Applied Digital Marketing course at IMM. Regardless of your background, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive. Thank you, IMM, for this life-changing experience! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to make their mark in digital marketing. ”

Wandile Ntuthuko Makhathini