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    1. Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria for Retail Operations Management

    2. Self Study Guide for this module : Retail Operations

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    1. Introduction to Principles of Retailing

    2. KT0101: Nature of retailing locally and internationally

    3. KT0102: Characteristics of the current retail environment, including shopping patterns, working hours, staffing issues

    4. KT0103: Categories and sectors of retailing in South Africa and their role in the community

    5. KT0104: The relationship and inter-dependence between the outlet and store’s support functions and the organisation

    6. KT0105: The relationship and inter-dependence between the various departments within a retail outlet

    7. KT0106: The concept and principles of “Green” retailing and how it is impacting on the industry

    1. Introduction to Building Stakeholder Relations

    2. KT0201: The concept of stakeholders and the relevant stakeholders of a retail chain organisation

    3. KT0202: The stakeholders relevant to the retail chain store

    4. KT0203: The retail chain store manager’s involvement in building stakeholders’ relations

    5. KT0204: Legislation impacting on stakeholders

    1. Introduction to Retail chain store operations management

    2. KT0301: Concepts and principles of retail chain store operations management

    3. KT0302: Capacity and resource planning and control

    4. KT0303/4: Methods and tools used in retail chain store operations management

    1. Introduction to Staff Scheduling

    2. KT0401: Categories of staff in retailing, their legal hours of work and costs to the company

    3. KT0402/3: Concepts and principles of staff scheduling and tools used to manage scheduling

    4. KT0404: Concept and principles of induction of new staff in a retail chain store environment

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